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9:00am - 5:00pm EST

  • Eddie Rodriguez

Learn how I can help you find the "perfect fit" franchise. My services are free!

Learn how I can help you find the "perfect fit" franchise. 

Get to Know More About Me

Professional Bio


Franchise consultant with Senior Executive Management and Entrepreneurial Successful Track Record


Eddie is a highly experienced entrepreneur with over 30 years experience as a business owner/operator and franchise industry consultant. He has proven skills required to articulate and execute a successful business plan. Mr. Rodriguez has helped hundreds of executives identify new business ownership opportunities to pursue their dreams.

Core Beliefs

Eddie deeply believes in open and honest exploration of what others want to do, what makes them happy, and what happily drives them to go to work every day. He believes that a thorough investigative and introspective process of evaluating people’s strengths, weaknesses, goals and desires helps create a path for success. Eddie’s philosophy is to always focus on each person’s goals and criteria.

Career Highlights

Eddie is driven to identify and help executives fulfill their dreams of owning their own business while taking charge of their own destiny rather than relying on Corporate America to provide that. Previously, Eddie was a Partner-Consultant for Personal Business Advisors for 6 years, also helping executives find new entrepreneurial opportunities as an alternative to Corporate employment.

For over 30 years, Mr. Rodriguez has been a very successful entrepreneur in the apparel industry. As an esteemed member of The Council of Fashion Designers of America, Eddie has been the Creative Director and Corporate Officer at The Men's Wearhouse (TMW) while also serving as CCO of the Eddie Rodriguez division of TMW. He created and built the Eddie Rodriguez brand there, and was lauded by the press (Wall Street Journal called the new concept one of the top ten new retail concepts of 2004), as he launched a new men’s and women’s lifestyle concept in mall retailing driven by his Latino roots.

As Co-Founder/CEO of Wilke-Rodriguez, a contemporary menswear market leader for over 15 years, Mr. Rodriguez was the proud recipient of many awards, including Hispanic Designer of the Year, and Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Wilke-Rodriguez was sold in the finest stores around the world, including Barney's NY, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, etc. Eddie had also built a strong following amongst well known celebrities wearing his clothes, such as Bobby Cannavale, Benjamin Bratt, Jimmy Smits, Bobby Flay and others.


A dedicated and loving family man, Eddie currently lives and works in Miami, Florida, with his wife, Kim, and beloved daughter, Isabel. He loves watching Isabel play soccer, going to the gym, playing tennis, and bike riding. Eddie also loves music and going to live shows as well as his deep love for art and going to museums. As a beach lover, you can always find him relaxing there as well.


Here's a picture of my lovely wife Kim and my awesome daughter Isabel enjoying our trip in Paris.

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