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9:00am - 5:00pm EST

  • Eddie Rodriguez

Learn how I can help you find the "perfect fit" franchise. My services are free!

Learn how I can help you find the "perfect fit" franchise. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money do I need to have to invest in a franchise?
The amount of money you need varies based on the type of franchise you’re looking to buy into. There are hundreds of franchises at all investment levels with brick and mortar locations costing much more than service-based franchise opportunities. At a minimum, you will need to have at least $50,000 in liquid capital and a net worth (what you own minus what you owe) of at least $300,000. Depending on what you’re looking to get into, your franchise consultant can help you understand the financial requirements of specific brands and industry segments.
Why will franchise companies pay your consultant fees?
Franchise companies receive hundreds of inquiries every month from people seeking franchise information. It is an enormous task and requires a large staff to call and screen all these people to find the 1% who are serious, interested, financially qualified, and ready to get started. Franchisors have found it more sensible and less expensive to pay consulting fees to franchise consultants than to support massive advertising and staffing fees for franchisee recruitment. Professional franchise consultants are able to handle these functions and deliver qualified candidates to franchisors that are pre-vetted.
To work with you, do I have to be ready to invest in a franchise right now?
No, not at all. Working with me is all about you getting educated and understanding the options in franchising that may make sense for you. If our process of investigation takes one month or two years, it has no bearing on me or my interest in serving you. My goal is to make sure that we make a decision that you will not only be excited about but thrilled about for years to come because it enables you the lifestyle you deserve and the opportunity to achieve your long-term goals.
How do I know you won't simply point me towards the franchise options that pay you the most?
Most franchise companies pay about the same for qualified candidates. It’s as if they all know the “going rate” and they stick close to that. Keep in mind that franchisors are looking for quality not quantity. They want people who can be committed to their brand, who are successful, and who make sure the customer experience is always optimized. Simply, they all have their internal processes for vetting candidates. Just because you want to own a specific franchise doesn’t always mean you will be awarded a franchise. Finally, it has taken me years to build a reputation in business that I would never risk tarnishing. I have been in business several times in my lifetime, and I know what it takes. As a consultant, I consider it a privilege to work with people in this capacity, and I appreciate the trust I earn along the way.
Can I continue to look for and inquire about franchises on my own while you are my consultant?
Absolutely!  You might want to let me know of franchises you find interesting so I can research them for you.
What if I already know what franchise I want? Can you still help me?
Yes, of course. I am here to educate and support you in the franchise buying process. If you find a franchise that you like, then by all means, let’s investigate it. I may also share with you some intelligent options that may share similar characteristics yet seem to be more in alignment with criteria we’ve determined is important to you. I think it’s smart to shop around because you will learn a little bit more with every discussion, and every discussion will bring you closer to what you really want.
Am I under any obligation to invest in a franchise if you are my consultant?
Absolutely NOT!  I serve at your pleasure. You can discontinue working with me at any time and for any or no reason.  You and I do NOT sign any binding agreement together.
Why should I use a franchise consultant to help?
Why wouldn’t you want an experienced franchising veteran on your side to help you with a process that isn’t easy? I am here to not only educate you, but also to help you understand which franchise opportunities will be the best fit for you--not just those that you may be able to afford, but those that you can have a passion for and enjoy building. Most importantly, we need to find you a business that can support your income goals and help you build your wealth. There is no cost to work with me. I am compensated by the franchisor.
What if I have a question that isn't in your frequently asked questions?
That happens often. I welcome you to complete my contact form below and put that question in the message field. I will get back as soon as possible.
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