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9:00am - 5:00pm EST

  • Eddie Rodriguez
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How Do You Answer These Questions?

With extensive experience, I understand the complex franchising issues of both the franchisor and franchisee. I seek to introduce our clients to the best franchise companies by understanding the need to combine significant business knowledge of the franchise landscape with thorough knowledge of how quality franchise organizations are run. The flexibility to operate across a wide variety of fields allows us to include franchised companies in industries such as: property services, personal services, fast food, manufacturers, real estate, auto, and many others.


My job is to explain the rights, responsibilities, duties, and obligations of all the parties in the franchise relationship. If problems arise with the relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee, it is usually because one of these four steps were not followed carefully:

  • Are you tired of working for someone?

  • Do you often dream of being THE boss?

  • Do you often think about building real wealth, financial and personal independence, and freedom?

  • Would you love to be in complete control of your destiny and future?


If you answered yes to some or all of these questions, it's time we talk.


I help determine what might be the best fit for you via an in depth process of learning what would make you happy and what is truly feasible. In fact, I promise to tell you if franchise ownership might not be the right fit for you.


I help create a business plan for you through a diligent process that identifies which franchises are consistent with your skill sets, financial requirements, and, most importantly, your goals.


I focus on identifying the best fit franchise business models for you. Then, we formally introduce you to the decision makers at these companies so you can begin your own due diligence with them.


I will provide you with all the information you will require, including best selling books to help you form an educated decision. I can also introduce you to experts in financing options, as well as qualified franchise lawyers to help you navigate all financial and legal matters.


My service is no fee to you. Much like in real estate, the seller pays the fee. Finally, please note that franchises mitigate risks associated with a new business as they have proven performance, systems, technology, training, marketing support, etc. You will not be alone in your new business.

Learn how I can help you find the "perfect fit" franchise. 

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